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Explore MoreAs you know, I am not the world’s most crafty Mom – I outsource that stuff. I don’t have the time or talent to dream up fun educational crafts for my kids and I would not even know where our closest art and craft supplier is, never mind what to buy when I get there.

I always like to think I am artistic in a different sort of way: I can cook up a creative meal or throw together a fun outfit but ask me to paint something or draw something and I’m pretty stumped. In fact, Rachel asked me to draw her a ship the other day and I drew a kind of lobsided looking sail boat and then told her to go and ask her father. I really did not even know where to begin.

But I digress. Maya from Explore More recently sent me a free activity box to review and I was super impressed with it. Explore More puts together crafty activities for kids aged 3-7 that are delivered to your doorstep every month and are such fun.Explore More

We got sent a “Paint Party” which was perfect for keeping Rachel entertained over half term. There were four different activities enclosed with full instructions and all the materials and I loved how you can keep the instruction cards in a file to use again afterwards.

So far we have made the Spinning Top artwork, which involves squeezing paint on to paper while spinning a little wooden top – such fun! Plus we made this cool modern art on canvas which we are going to display somewhere in the house, because it looks awesome:


IMG_7631Explore MoreThe instructions were super easy to follow and it’s so great to do something different with Rachel that isn’t colouring in or cutting. The boxes cost R200 per child if you order for three months and delivery is free. You can also test the service out for one month and you pay R225 per box. If you order for more than one sibling there are discounts – check out the full pricing here.

I loved how everything was prettily packaged and explained in detail (for us non-artistic ones). I also love supporting small businesses with great ideas.

Check out Explore More if you need some help in the crafty parenting department – we really loved the service.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post although Explore More did send me a free box to review.

P.P.S. Rachel had just been swimming when I forced her to pose with her masterpiece. The white stuff on the grass is the stuffing from one of her toys which the new puppy has taken great delight in destroying.

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