Meet Buckley

August 28, 2015 | 4 Comments

Poor Buckley. The second child always gets neglected. Juno was our first born and I excitedly introduced you to her very early on. But we’ve had Buckley for over six months now and I’m only introducing her now. Sorry. But ta-da! Here she is:



Why the name Buckley? Well, ever since I watched The Royal Tenenbaums I have wanted a dog called Buckley. The movie struck a chord with me and has attracted a bit of a cult following, as have many of Wes Anderson’s films. Ben Stiller’s dog in the film is called Buckley and there was something about that dog that I just liked (in the film Buckley is half Beagle and in real life, our Buckley is half Beagle too).

Half Beagle, half Jack Russell, Buckley is a very interesting character. She wees when she gets excited. She runs into our room every morning and steals either a dirty sock (Gareth) or a used pair of panties (me) and then sprints outside and tries to bury them in some secret hole. She also thinks she’s a boy dog. And this is partly my fault, for giving her a boysy/unisex name. She has on occasion, been caught trying to hump Juno which I think is more of a show of dominance, but still makes us laugh inappropriately. She, although tiny in stature, is the alpha dog in the household and this is probably because she’s also mighty clever.

Buckley1She’s the best guard dog of the two, she’s up and barking at any sound way before beautiful Juno gets wind of it. In fact I think they make a great pair, our Ferrari and our Ford Escort (as someone referred to them). Buckley with her brains and gumption and Juno with her beauty and her scary sounding bark.

Wow but these two love each other. Buckley will sleep spooned against Juno’s back or will lie (as in the picture below) directly on top of Juno’s face and use it as a pillow. They are like the closest of siblings and they fight and love just like my human children do.

And my human children adore this dog. Rachel carries Buckley around like a doll and gives her hugs and just generally tests her patience. It’s been so good for my kids to have dogs and learn lessons from taking care of them and loving them.

Buckley’s still a puppy though. She still has some growing up to do. She still digs holes in our garden and chews anything she can get her little paws on (she ate one of my husband’s new canoeing bootie-shoe-things that had only been worn once and cost R500!). But we do love her and we’re trying to be responsible pet owners by taking our dogs for training, exercising them every day and giving them the best food we can.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition have been kind enough to send me the odd product to test out and we’ve loved the gorgeous doggie cushion (featured above), as well as the newest Hill’s Science Plan Oral Care food that they sent over. This new food is designed in such a way that it’s like an edible toothbrush for pets that scrubs away plaque while filling up their tummies with nutritious food. I had never thought about my pet’s oral hygiene before, but it kind of makes sense when I see Ben and Rachel basically smooching the puppy!

Anyway, we’re now proud dog owners and can’t imagine a life without them. We look forward to many more years of loyalty, love and fun with the canine members of our family, Juno and Buckley. As well as many more years of retrieving our socks and underwear from under the aloes in the garden.






  • Reply June August 28, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Cute picture! Glad they are good friends, and the kids (and y’all) love them too!

  • Reply cat@jugglingact August 28, 2015 at 10:03 am

    Oh she is such a cutie! Honestly life is not the same without dogs and I think kids have to grow up with a dog or two

  • Reply Belinda Mountain August 28, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Thanks guys!

  • Reply Theresa August 28, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    She definitely likes a cushion between her and the floor! Very cute.

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