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August Favourites

August 5, 2016 | 1 Comment

I know, August has barely begun but I tend to do these monthly round ups at the beginning of each month, kind of like a “this is what I’m looking forward to” list. So here goes, all the things I’ve been enjoying and am excited about lately:

  1. Flat White MagazineFlat White Concepts featured an interview with me in which I list what’s always in my fridge and what I’d call the movie of my life (I went with “She was Always on Time”!). Read this and some really interesting pieces in their August issue (I’m on page 25).
  2. We had friends over on Sunday and the kids so enjoyed playing with our Lego Around the World set we were given to review: the whale is a firm favourite. You can watch the video here.
  3. Hills have some tasty new tins of food out for your dogs – they’re called Hill’s Stews and mine gobbled up the samples they were sent! Also, they arrived with a nifty chef’s hat which we all took turns wearing around the house.
  4. Are you beautifully tall? Love Long Length is a new online store stocking gorgeous basics for women over 5ft10. Check it out if you are an elegant tall women (or have a tall teen!) looking for good quality clothing that fits.
  5. Muizenberg. We’ve been spending a bit of time there lately and I love the big playground, chilled restaurants, sea and mountain views and the relaxed unpretentious vibe. Also, the colourful huts always cheer me up.Muizenberg
  6. Our first week without DSTV has been really interesting. Ben still asks for TV (a lot) but once we tell him no he seems to accept it and then runs off and plays. We’ve been bringing out our toys more than ever and the kids are being very inventive: they’ve been delivering ‘ice cream’ to all the teddies around the house, they’ve played hide and seek, they’ve been building a lot of Lego and we’ve certainly been reading more books than usual. I also find I’ve got more time to read, as well as listen to music. I’ve struggled with not having news, especially around the elections, but I need to get better at downloading the right news apps.
  7. Willard’s Cheese Curls now make cheese and onion flavour! And I may have eaten half a bag for breakfast the other day before I voted;). Also, they sent me a USB stick in the shape of a Cheese Curl which was pretty much the best thing ever.
  8. Are you into your potjies? We made this one the other day and our guests oohed and aahed. Something about the sweet and sour flavours of the apricots, ginger beer and chicken – it’s a winner! Plus it is falling-off-the-bone-delicious in about three hours. Try it.
  9. Remember that banana pendant from Dear Rae that I mentioned in my June favourites? Well I went ahead and bought it for myself because I’ve been working so hard while my business partner has been on maternity leave and I deserve it. Isn’t it gorgeous?banana pendant
  10. We’re all ready for our 10km race this Tuesday! We ran 10km the other day in the Seapoint/ Camps Bay area and it went so well. Then we ran in the suburbs and around the Rondebosch Common on Tuesday and the 9km just DRAGGED! I guess some days running are just easier than others hey? We’re doing a 5km Parkrun this weekend and then maybe a short trot on Monday and then we should be set. Wish us luck!

Have wonderful weekends,



1 Comment

  • Reply Kristi Kyle August 8, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Aw, hey Belinda! I’ve been a fan of your blog forever, and it’s such a honour for you to have included Love Long Length on your favourites list. Both Angela & myself really appreciate the kind gesture. Thank you so much! Have a happy Women’s Day tomorrow! Much love xo

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