5 Summer Trends from Nikki Carloni

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I’ve only met Nikki once but I just knew that I wanted to feature her on my blog as she has an effortless style I love. If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately you’ll see that I also love clothes and style, and see it as a way of expressing myself. As I’ve got older I’ve realised more and more what suits me and I’ve come a long way from the days of wearing my brother’s rugby shorts, baggy t-shirts and slops! I also don’t necessarily wear every trend, as not all of them suit my lifestyle or body shape, but it’s quite cool to be able to throw a few fresh ideas and garments into your wardrobe once a while. Over to Nikki…

Personal Stylist

I recently moved back to SA with my husband and two sons, after living in London for 11 years. I studied Fashion Design, Buying & Merchandising and Personal Styling in both SA and London but it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave with my eldest son that I decided to leave the corporate world and go into personal styling. I started my business in 2012 but have also fallen into interior decorating lately which I love just as equally – it certainly keeps my days very interesting!

sarahrutson2As most people hopefully realise by now, not every trend is for them. You do get those people who love to jump on board regardless and following three failed attempts at matching their new trendy item with anything in their wardrobe (let alone looking and feeling good in the item), they realise that their latest purchase probably wasn’t the best idea. Always assess the trend and your body shape, as often you get variations on a single trend and you may be able to find a few different takes on it that do work for you, your shape and your lifestyle.

Here are five major trends we’ll be seeing a lot of this summer, so you can decide if any of them are for you:

1. Off the shoulder

This trend definitely isn’t for everyone, in fact I would say that it does have an age limit – unless you are 45 and look like Gwyneth Paltrow. As most off-the-shoulder tops are pretty much strapless tops with sleeves on the side, then if you are on the busty side, best to avoid them. culottesHowever a great alternative to this trend (that is not as limiting) is the cold shoulder top, as Sarah Rutson shows us above. Everyone has great shoulders and this is the perfect way of showing them off, whilst still looking sophisticated and not mutton dressed as lamb.

2. Culottes

These are great for all shapes and a great substitute for the midi skirt. If you’re lean or petite, pair your culottes with a crop top and if you’re on the slightly curvier side on top then a t-shirt and even a jacket look great paired with these easy to wear trousers. Put on a pair of heels and a blazer to dress it up for the evening and work. I have invested in a pair and absolutely adore wearing them, from day to night they are so chic and super comfortable. There also isn’t a specific length to follow, so if you like them above your calf or just above the ankle, anything goes.

3. Statement sleevesstatementsleeves

Sleeves are having a massive moment and this trend is again flattering for all. Whether you opt for an off the shoulder, oversized tiered sleeve or a subtle version with a slight flare closer to the wrist, this trend needs to be teamed with a plain bottom half as the sleeves are making the statement. A great way to wear this trend for work is with tailored trousers and a blazer, with the sleeves showing out the bottom of the jacket sleeves.

4. Frayed denim

This is definitely a trend everyone can pull off. Make sure the jeans fit well (and obviously that is what you always do!) whether they are cropped flares, skinny with a longer back hem or even a skirt, it’s a trend I love because you can take a pair of jeans that have always been too long (as I have done twice already this season) and simply hack off the ends – and voila, frayeddenim2you have your perfectly frayed denims. Again the subtlety or severity of the frays is entirely up to you.

5. Silky camisole dresses and tops

If you are not one for prettiness or showing too much skin then throw on your favourite tee underneath your camisole dress or top. I think this trend looks great on anyone, it just needs to be styled right for your shape and age. If you love the cami slip dress alone but find it really dressy, then wear it with a pair of ankle boots and a denim jacket in the evening, or during the day pair it with your favourite sneakers.

If you don’t do dresses, wear a cami top with jeans in the evening and for the more conservative out there, cover yourself up with a cardi. I love a little silk in an outfit, its sexy, its feminine and it’s the only thing you need to add some glamour to your tailored suit or blue 501’s.

To read more about trends, fashion, interiors – you can visit Nikki’s website.

camisoleI’m keen for a pair of culottes – who’s with me?!

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***Image sources are listed on images except for cold shoulder top and frayed denim.

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