New Kicks and Pesso People

June 29, 2017 | 2 Comments

A collaboration with Pesso

It’s been a blergh week. You know when you’re on the border of falling ill and you just keep shoving the sickness away with vitamins, but you can’t shake that overall feeling of unwellbeing? Yes you heard me, that is a new word I have coined and it is the opposite of wellbeing. Anyway, the arrival of a pretty white box wrapped in navy twine cheered me up enormously on Monday and inside were these gorgeous Pesso Karoo veldskoens.

Pesso Karoo shoe

I’ve always wanted a pair of vellies! Call it nostalgia for my farm girl days but there is something so appealing about them to me, and I love how Pesso have reinvented them in a way. These are genuine suede ankle boots with white stitching and a white sole and Pesso are so wonderful with detail, which is why they also provide two sets of laces when you buy a pair, one in khaki and one in white.

But now you may be asking WHO ARE PESSO? Yes I didn’t used to know either. Well, they make (mostly) shoes, but not just any shoes:








These are beautifully handcrafted, leather shoes that are available at Step Ahead in Gauteng and Durban and Shoe Connection in Cape Town (you can see a full list of stockists here). I also got sent a pair of their Pesson Zen pointsPesso Zen Points a little while ago, in rose gold and white, and they are the comfiest things! They’ve got a cushion-like bottom and were great for walking round the airport and wearing on the plane, plus I think they’re just beautiful.

Anyway the team at Pesso have asked if I will join a group they are calling Pesso People! Which means I’ll work with them to showcase their newest styles from season to season, showing them off and how they fit into my wardrobe and into my life. Apparently I fit their brief and target market very well in that I’m a busy mom who’s looking for comfort, style, quality and items made with integrity. This is true, so sign me up!

The great news is that Pesso is having a winter sale which starts today everyone. So the veldskoens which are normally R1499 are marked down to R899. And the Null (the brown ankle boots below) are marked down from R1899 to R1499. Finally my other faves which are these Pesso Triple patent black boots are marked down from R1999 to R1199. There are some other gorgeous styles on their website which are worth checking out.

Anyway, those are some of my favourites, have a browse below to see more. You can also follow Pesso on Instagram or Facebook to see more of their beautiful shoes (and handbags).

Thanks to Pesso for approaching me and here’s to many months of quality, comfort and style.


P.S. The shoes are sent to me at no cost in order for me to review them.

Pesso Triple black ankle bootsPesso Triple ankle bootsPesso NullPesso Karoo




  • Reply Kerry Vollmer July 3, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Ooh Vellies. Also want to own a pair. Loved the way my Dad wore them with EVERYTHING whilst I was growing up.

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