Hot Dads

September 29, 2017 | 11 Comments

This post has been brewing for a while. And I can’t believe that I have to add this disclaimer but just in case any reader thinks I am lusting after other men all the time, I adore my husband and his hot self! This is just an appreciation of a type of man I used to be completely oblivious to: Hot Dads.

If you’re a mom, I think you’ll know what I mean. He’s chasing his daughter around the toy store while she flings every toy off the shelf, he’s burping his baby in a quiet corner of the shopping centre, he’s patiently dealing with a tantrumming toddler in a restaurant while everyone else stares. While we used to gawk at topless men running down the road with their sweaty biceps pumping, now all we need to see is a man showing some love and care towards his family and we’re all like: swoooooon.

It’s not just in real life: if I see a guy post something on social media about his parenting chores or concerns, or his love for his kids, I suddenly know that this guy is a good guy and we shall be friends. Because a man that shows he is invested in his children’s lives is someone I want to know, it’s that simple. Too many men still view parenting as the mother’s job and those are not my people. Because the sooner we make it more equitable, the better things will be for all of us, and society as a whole.

So here’s to Hot Dads. Like the one I saw last week jogging down the road, pushing a pram, with TWINS IN IT. I almost twisted my neck from the staring. What?! I hear my male readers say indignantly, do women ALSO check out attractive men that are passing them by? Um well, yes, we just don’t make lewd comments or make them feel uncomfortable. We internally appreciate. You should try it.

Here’s to the Dad doing his daughter’s ponytail all messily, but still doing it. Here’s to the Dad in the grocery store asking me what I think about the flavour and nutritional factor of these new kids’ yoghurts. Here’s to the Dads who make the school lunches, even if it’s just peanut butter sandwiches (again). Here’s to the Dad with his kids on the beach, wiping snotty noses with his t-shirt because mom always brings the tissues and she’s at home, resting.

Here’s to the Dads who play make believe, fully participating in whatever imaginary game their children have made up, not bothering about looking silly because they want their kids to know that they believe in their castle, their dragons, their magical forests.

Here’s to the Dads who come to those ballet recitals and sit on those inappropriately small chairs, so they can watch their little princess attempt to point a toe (“is that honestly all they’ve learned all term?!”). Here’s to the Dads who understand their wives have lives, interests and passions outside of parenting, and who give them the time and space they deserve to pursue those.

Just last Saturday I got back from a class at gym, while my husband watched the kids. And you know what? He’d also cleaned the entire (previously messy) kitchen and washed all of the dishes. Now THAT’S what I mean about hotness. It’s about being perceptive, kind, loving and invested. It’s really not complicated (okay I admit that nice strong arms also help with the hotness factor;)

So here’s to Hot Dads. May we know them. And may we be married to them.


P.S. Congrats to Jonelle du Pont who’s entry was randomly selected and has won the R1000 Pesso voucher – thanks for all your entries!

P.P.S It’s break up day at Cape Town schools! If you’re staying in town, the Waterfront has some amazing things to do with the kids, including our favourite: Future Park.


  • Reply Zanine September 29, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Love this! Got me all hot under the collar:-). Nothing sexier than a hands-on Dad!!

  • Reply Maree September 29, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Love it! We were camping with friends last weekend and it poured with rain. We had to get supper ready for the children so Al had all the kids in the tent keeping them busy with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and all the ladies commented saying how brave he was for dealing with 5 hungry and irritated kids during “suicide hour” and also admiring his quick thinking skills to keep them entertained!

  • Reply Melissa Volker September 30, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Love this.

  • Reply siri October 2, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    This made me laugh! It’s all SO TRUE, and I’m absolutely sure these guys have no idea how endearing it all is. Watching my husband with our boy is just my very favourite thing to do. They don’t get nearly enough 1-on-1 time (cos he works too hard) but when they get together, they’re a giggling, tumbling, tickling mess and I LOVE IT!
    But likewise, I wish it was more common to see guys caring and tending to their families, instead of leaving it all to mom (no matter how capable).
    Here’s to Hot Dads!

  • Reply Caley October 4, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Oh yes, I’m jumping into bed with one of those hot dads tonight (and jut to fall asleep before you think anything else!) x

  • Reply Jenny Kroon October 10, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks B. I have my own caring, loving and playful Hot Grandpa. Pops is loved so much by all his 13 grandchildren and I love watching them with him. They think he is great and very clever!
    So glad to catch up again. xx

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