February Favourites

February 10, 2018 | 2 Comments

I haven’t done one of these ‘favourites” round ups in a while! So here goes, some things I’m wearing and reading and thinking about lately:

1. Reading

I finished Thrive by Ariana Huffington and it’s affected me profoundly. There’s so much to discuss, from the importance of movement towards our mental and physical health, to getting a full eight hours sleep every night, to how our society speaks about and deals with death. Then there’s the vital role that “giving” plays in our lives (see my final point below!), and how we need to encourage our children to do it from a young age –  everything she writes resonates and has me nodding away.

Lots of it I do already, but some things I need to try harder with, like meditation and putting away my phone and being more present with my children. It’s a book I’m going to return to, over and again, and I urge you to read it. It may change the way you approach this year, and how you approach your life in general.

2. Drinking

Friends of mine have launched a very nifty website that is worth knowing about if you drink wine (and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that may be a lot of you;). FindWine South Africa is a website that let’s you compare the pricing of wine from well known online merchants, so you can find the best deal, buy some bottles and then have them delivered to your door. But it also helps you discover new wines you may like (choose bubbly, red, white, rose or dessert wine) by recommending new ones based on it’s unique rating system which takes local and international awards into account (and don’t worry – that doesn’t mean they’re pricy!). Take a look.

3. Wearing

As you may know, I’m working with Pesso as a brand ambassador for them and I get to test out and keep some of their amazing shoes and bags. My latest pair were these awesome neutral sneakers which I’m currently wearing with some black skinny jeans, a grey shirt and a bare face (must.try.harder!).

There is something very cool about the way they fit, and you can even wear them without socks, with the laces in or out (I can see I’m going to get a whole lot of mileage out of these). They also come in blue and red. Pesso have also just launched their online shop so you can buy their shoes through their website, if you’re not close to a store that stocks them, or you simply want to avoid the shops (plus they’re currently having a sale!). Pretty handy.

4. Having fun with

Instagram stories! If you’re on Instagram do you watch them, and do you make them? I recently started doing it and I’m having so much fun – the functionality lets you add videos more easily, write little notes, use cute stickers, add gifs etc. It let’s you be very creative, which I like, and it’s more authentic than “normal” Instagram as people post the smaller details of their lives, not just the perfectly posed shots by the sunset, for example. I’ll post videos of me unboxing press drops, things I’m eating, things that made me laugh, all the smaller details that I don’t normally post to Instagram. Anyway, you can find me in those little circles at the top of the app, and you can follow me here.

5. Chuffed about

I do some writing for the Joburg edition of the Sunday Times Neighbourhood supplement but you can now find me in the Cape Town edition occasionally too! I’m covering everything from events to spas to hotels, so if you’re partial to the Sunday papers, buy it and find me in this property and lifestyle supplement.

6. Thinking about

Bad people and bad things get a lot of press. If we read the news constantly, we can easily convince ourselves that anarchy is loosed upon the world, that there are virtually no decent human beings left, and that the world is about to blow up. Much has been written about the bad news loop, that we have no way of filtering it from our lives these days, and how it affects our psyche. But lately I’ve found myself discovering many acts of goodness, and these deserve to be celebrated.

There’s my neighbourhood who’ve rallied around each other in this water crisis, established committees, ascertaining who’ll be unable to queue for water if Day Zero hits (from the elderly to single moms) + who are making plans to help each other. There have been people volunteering their well points or boreholes, to share their water with complete strangers, and everywhere there has been collaboration and initiative. Bad times can bring out the good in people, too.

Then I got severe gastro a few days ago and because my husband was out of town I had no idea how the kids were going to get to school and back. In just 5 minutes, my call for help via Whatsapp had been answered with numerous offers to help. The kids got to and from school, I had medicine dropped off in my letter box and food brought to me. All the goodness even made my cry a little bit (though it could also have been the lack of sleep and stomach pains;).

There really is a whole village waiting to help, all you have to do is ask.

On that note, I hope you all have wonderful weekends, and that you find some goodness around you too.


P.S. The shoes were gifted to me by Pesso and I also received a bottle of wine from FindWine in order to review the service.


  • Reply kerryheathfield February 12, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    I love these posts. It’s always cool to catch up on what is going on in a bloggers life.
    Dyiiiing for those shoes!
    Sorry to hear you were so sick. Hope you are feeling 100% better now xx

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