Fenn Collection: Why I Love My Bags (+ Win Your Own)

April 30, 2018 | 2 Comments

Written in collaboration with Fenn Collection

If you see me rushing around town any day of the week, you will find my charcoal coloured Fenn Collection bag firmly glued to my shoulder. It goes everywhere with me. I chuck it in my car, I plonk it next to my desk, it goes on picnics and family outings, to the shops and everywhere else you can think of. Ever since I got it last year, I have not used any other bag more regularly.

The reason is because it goes with any outfit, and it’s so hardy. It never gets dirty or stained (you just give it a wipe with a damp cloth!), it never breaks and it can hold a large quantity of things.

The Scandinavian-inspired design includes a vinyl exterior and a removable canvas-lined interior (so you can wash it), with two handy inside pockets to store your lip balm, phone etc. The eye catching handles are made from high quality rope, and they’re really original – I haven’t seen anything else like them! In fact, I’ve had so many comments from strangers on my Fenn bag in general, and how much they love it (even the cashier at Kauai!).

The Fenn originals (R1199 each) come in such gorgeous colours including neutral navy, stone, black and grey and then eye popping orange (my fave!), pale pink and turquoise, among others. This is an everyday bag that can hold so much, although at times it can be quite bulky on your shoulder if you overload it (which I am prone to do!).

Which brings me to the Fenn Collection’s new style called Fenn Classic! This is a smaller clutch bag that is just as chic and durable, but not as large, so it’s perfect for a night out, or if you’re trawling a shopping centre for hours and want something lightweight just to hold the essentials (R1099 each).

This design also has a vinyl exterior and a removable canvas-lined interior, plus a metal zip. The strap handle is made of chain, with a strip of vinyl at the top to make it more comfy. These are great to wear across your body, which is always safer when walking out at night or if you’re standing in a bar. You can also remove the strap entirely for an elegant option that’s easy to carry in one hand (did this yesterday when going to a friend’s place for lunch – see pic on right!).

Fenn is also running a cool Mother’s Day giveaway, where you can win a Maxi Fenn bag of your choice (pictured below), worth R1699.  All you need to do is visit their Facebook page and follow the instructions.

I love these bags because they’re locally designed, beautifully produced, extremely durable, gorgeous to look at and completely unique. They make great gifts if you can club together with a few girlfriends for a 40th (or other special birthday), or if you simply want to spoil yourself (or even for Mother’s Day from loved ones!). Buy your Fenn Collection bag here.

*I bought my Fenn Original at a discount and received the Fenn Classic as a gift, in exchange for coverage on this blog and on my social media channels.



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