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May Favourites

May 8, 2018 | 6 Comments

It’s nearly the middle of the year. I KNOW. I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable with the rapid pace of life but what can you do? Except try slow down occasionally, savour every moment, and roll with the punches when things are not so nice. I’ve been doing lots of nice things lately though (very lucky lady), so here are some of them:


The Break by Marian Keyes. Man, I stayed up three nights devouring this story! Marian just hits the nail on the head when it comes to understanding how women feel and act – and she’s also hilarious. Her characters are so engaging and believable, and this story, all about a marriage and middle age, is relevant to the life stage we’re about to find ourselves in. I guess it’s about love, and about how things are not always black and white – the older you get, the more you realise how much grey there is in between, and we all have to figure out our own ways to understand these nuances. I haven’t given away any of the plot because you should try read it yourselves – it’s such a lovely “easy read” and it will make you think, long after you’ve finished it.


I took the kids to the dentist recently and we discovered there was lots we were doing wrong with our teeth brushing routine. Did you know for example that you need to brush your kids’ teeth for them until they can write comfortably? (as they’re not dexterous enough until then). We were also using a “natural” toothpaste that the dentist said did not contain the correct ingredients – she advised us to switch to a brand called Elgydium.

So it was a wonderful surprise when we got sent a press pack just after that from Elgydium too. This toothpaste comes in three awesome flavours: Banana and Red Berries for 2-6 year olds, & Bubblegum for 7-12 year olds. The kids much prefer the taste to anything else they’ve tried, its packed with all the right stuff to keep their teeth plaque-free and strong, and it’s also free from parabens. It costs R54.95 and you can find it at Dischem and some Clicks stores.


A friend posted on Facebook how much she had loved The Greatest Showman so I thought we’d watch it the other night – and WOW we loved it! The music is the kind that makes you want to download the soundtrack and listen to it all day long, the characters are wonderful and the story gives you goosebumps. Hugh Jackman is superb but Zac Efron is such a natural singer and dancer – he’s talented as well as beautiful, which I guess is why he’s famous (genes hey!). If you need a mood lifter, or some entertainment one night, I highly recommend it.

Testing out

I don’t really have a brand of skincare I stick to. I know I probably should? But I try test out the odd thing that comes my way and then I just buy whatever’s on special, or the first thing I see that I know works for me. The Naturals Beauty products were sent to me recently in a press drop and someone I know on social media had raved about them, so I thought I’d give them a try.

The Essential Collection Gel Face Wash foams beautifully and cleans my face extremely well (smells nice too). The Essential Collection Night Cream is super rich and is apparently filled with Baobab, Goji berries, pomegranate and carrot root extract (is a carrot root just a carrot though?). It’s too soon to tell if this is having any “anti wrinkle effect” but it’s a lovely texture and my face feels great after putting it on. They also make great kids’ products – more info here.

Laughing at

Are you partner to a surfer? You will like this piece by Anja van der Spuy on what to expect if you’re dating one. Why must they stare into the ocean for an hour before they actually get in? Why must all our holidays be planned around stopping off in surf spots? Why is there a big black box in the car crammed with fins and wetsuits? Why is there always a paddle in my ear when I sit in the passenger seat? I can so relate.

Pesso loafersPerusing

This cooler weather (finally!) means changing wardrobes and I’m still living in all my cool Pesso kicks – they are just so comfy and good looking. My absolute favourite are these gold loafers – they go with everything, are super durable and add a bit of bling to a boring outfit. I live in them in all seasons. Pesso has a new Autumn/Winter range out which has some great new sneaker and boot options – take a look.

Nodding along to

“Indeed, the strangest part of the 40s is that we’re now the ones attending parent-teacher conferences and cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving. These days, when I think, “Someone should really do something about that,” I realise with alarm that that “someone” is me.” This piece made me laugh…also loved this bit: “The 40s are when you become who you are,” a British author in his 70s tells me, adding ominously, “And if you don’t know by your 40s, you never will.” (P.S. I’m not 40 yet but close!). You can read the full piece here.

Have wonderful weeks, and if you’re in Cape Town – enjoy this delicious rain.



P.S. Pesso, Naturals Beauty and Elgydium toothpaste products were all supplied to me free for review purposes.


  • Reply Nikki Lincoln (@nikkilincoln) May 8, 2018 at 9:13 am

    Love this! I am about to start The Break. Also, I have read so many articles about life in your 40’s because I’m not far from those glorious days, and this one hit the nail on the head for me, you’re definitely not young”. WOW! I feel like I have been whispering this phrase to myself for a year now. I never used to feel old. I always thought I looked quite fresh for my age. But lately I am noticing the cracks and my the skin in my neck is telling no lies! Hahaha!

    • Reply Belinda Mountain May 8, 2018 at 9:35 am

      Yes I have spotted a few lines on my forehead, that have literally appeared over the past month – gah! But otherwise being this age rocks…(p.s you look like a spring chicken;)

  • Reply Jo May 9, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Some great recommendations here – Thanks Belinda for brightening up a grey day! I’m definitely going to try the Elgydium for my kids and look into the skincare range for myself. Also love Marian Keyes for some light reading.

  • Reply _eatwithaspoon May 10, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    I actually went and bought that Elgydium berry flavoured toothpaste after you mentioned the dentist recommended it! We’re currently phasing the Pure Beginnings one out and this one in, and he LOVES it, so thank you! Realised though that the Pure Beginnings one is still good for littlies who don’t understand about not swallowing toothpaste. At nearly 3, I can explain to my son that he mustn’t swallow the pink toothpaste like he sometimes did the old one. But I’m glad we’re using a fluoride toothpaste now, thank heavens for all these options, hey?!

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