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Good Gifting with Faithful to Nature

September 18, 2018 | 3 Comments

Written in collaboration with Faithful to Nature

It’s been a while since I even went to a baby shower, let alone attended my own. But I do remember that when Rachel was still in my tummy over eight years ago, and my baby shower was happening, parents-to-be didn’t tend to have registries at all. I told a few people what I needed, but that was it. So on the day of my baby shower I got a lot of tiny shoes, some super cute outfits, quite a few duplications, and then some other stuff that I didn’t end up using at all (it got donated).

Well, luckily things have changed and you can now set up baby registries for friends and family to buy off, and one of the most fabulous registries you can find, is through Faithful to Nature. I know this because we were invited to a baby shower high tea last week at The Twelve Apostles to learn more about their gift registry offering, and it was wonderful to discover all the options that now exist for new moms and parents.

What do I mean? Well, many of us may want to only use moisturiser on our baby’s skin that is natural and good for them (and the world) for example. But let’s be honest, we simply don’t have the time or knowledge to check every ingredient on every bottle, ensuring that it’s the made of the best stuff. Which is where Faithful to Nature (FTN) comes in, because you can outsource that stuff to them.

Since 2007 they’ve been meticulously compiling research into what goes into your face wash, protein powder, or detergent. So you can know with confidence that anything they list on their site is the cleanest product in the market, at the best value.

If you only want to use a certain range of baby products, then the easiest thing to do is to pop them on your registry, and then Aunty Doris can buy off there, instead of bringing you a whole basket of toiletries packed full of chemicals. The founder of Faithful to Nature is a wonderful and dynamic woman called Robyn Smith and she has a 10-month old herself, so it was great to learn which products she uses and loves.

Here are some of her faves:

  • This Motherkind Baby tea from UK brand Pukka, which is said to help stabilise your hormones after giving birth and while you’re breastfeeding. It’s also packaged beautifully, so would make a lovely baby shower gift.
  • These stainless steel PURA baby bottles are made using non-toxic stainless steel and silicone. The best part is that the smart design means that by changing the mouthpiece and lid, it goes from a milk-feeding bottle to a toddler sippy cup, and then a snack bottle. Genius.
  • Nappies, nappies, nappies. There are (thankfully) loads of reusable options these days that are effective and kind to the planet. But Robyn has tried many and says that the Bamboo All-in-One nappies are some of the best (also, aren’t they cute?!).
  • My kids are always getting scraped knees (especially my daughter!) – and I’m on the lookout for a general use antiseptic balm, like this one from Simply Bee. I’m going to get a tub or two and keep it somewhere handy like that bowl in the kitchen that houses the nail clippers and the safety pins and the hairbands (you know the one!). Robyn says it’s a miracle worker.

Then, a few lucky bloggers were invited to compile their own gift registry to test out the system. What fun it was browsing the digital aisles of FTN! I must confess that I didn’t buy many things for the kids, as I was in need of some serious pampering, and I decided to buy a few things I needed in my life (you can create any type of gift registry on FTN, not just for baby showers).

That’s what is great about a baby shower registry through this site: there are loads of things that the new mom-to-be could use in her life, and which she truly deserves once baby comes along, as she always neglects herself.

You can see some items below that I bought – my favourite so far has been the facial hydrating oil from Skin Creamery (with jojoba, melon seed and baobab). It has the most exquisite smell and my skin feels amazing each night when I smear it on. I am also loving my natural bamboo toothbrush: it’s just pretty and brushes brilliantly (plus it’s 100% biodegradable). Another guest got this divine yoga kit bag, which I am coveting for Christmas! It’s big enough to fit your car keys in, a wallet and even a change of clothes.

Another very exciting initiative I heard about is that FTN is launching their own South African Eco Awards in 2018. Members of the public can nominate companies in fields such as hospitality, product innovation and ‘plastic-free’, and the aim is to support and recognise “those brands who are working hard to help consumers make more environmentally-conscious decisions”. Plus you can cash win prizes just for nominating! Nominations close on 21st September so get involved;)

All in all, I think Faithful to Nature is such an inspiring brand, and last week’s event reminded me once again that there are many good folk and companies in South Africa who are trying to improve the state of the planet and the people in it. Plus they’re making it easier for us to do that too, even if we’re simply buying someone a gift.


P.S I received a gift bag from Faithful to Nature but was under no obligation to blog about the event/gifts.





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    Looks lovely and good for the planet too. That bottle sounds really useful.

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    I love this brand …WOW

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