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More of and Less of in 2019

January 6, 2019 | No Comments

This post is inspired by one on A Cup of Jo where Julia Rothman came up with a simple and elegant concept of laying out our wishes for each year. What do you want more of and what do you want less of this year? It’s so much easier to jot these down as they flow into our minds, compared to typical resolutions in sentence form, which feel so formal and tend to be harder to keep. I’m going to tape this list above my desk once it’s written, so I can be reminded of it each day:


  • reading
  • gardening
  • silence/stillness
  • eating vegetables
  • drinking water
  • hugging
  • one-on-one time with each child
  • candlelight
  • beautiful smells
  • Greece!
  • headbands
  • listening
  • comfortable underwear! (obsessed with the plain bikini bottoms from H&M in black/white for everyday wear – they are super soft and feel gorgeous on your skin – plus for some reason they don’t feel too boring)
  • writing
  • taking the time to breathe properly
  • stretching on my yoga mat
  • good music around the house (especially in the kitchen while I’m cooking)
  • phoning/emailing friends & family our news (not everyone is on social media!)


  • scrolling/mindless time spent on phone
  • meat
  • plastic
  • waste/stuff (Marie Kondo has a new series on Netflix and I’m obsessed! She is the most magical tidying up fairy princess – she could not be more adorable, and her methods work. I’ve used them for a few years (ever since I bought her book) and I’m sure this is partly the reason that our latest AirBNB guests told me that our home had a lovely tranquil atmosphere to it).
  • judging others
  • reading the news
  • negativity – this requires constant pruning of the social media accounts you follow, the people that surround you etc. It can be difficult to do, but in my experience it’s worth it.
  • people pleasing
  • comparisons to other people’s lives
  • worrying, before I know the facts

I’m sure that I’ll think of others as I start this week of work and school. What are you planning on doing more of and less of this year? Happy 2019 lovely readers.

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