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March Favourites

March 24, 2018 | 5 Comments

Me again. I’ve just put the kids to bed and I actually want to run around the silent rooms screaming hallelujah. I took them to a movie thinking it would be a nice mom gesture but do you think they rewarded me with any type of good behaviour or appreciation afterwards? Nope, they’ve fought like cat and dog ever since we got home. Kicking. Whining. Crying. My soul.

I know this is pretty normal but jeez, it gets my back up. Of course, after I shouted like a mad woman they then relented and gave me hugs and were adorable once again. And thank goodness for biology because then your heart just swells with love once more. Until someone whines again. And so it continues.

But I digress. I haven’t blogged a lot this month but here are some nice things I’ve been getting up to: Continue Reading…

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Molten Mug Cakes & Microwaves

February 2, 2018 | No Comments


So I wrote about our brand new (and fancy) LG NeoChef when we first got to review it in November. And since then it’s made our cooking and kitchen experience a lot quicker, easier and tastier. From roasting chickens in record time to making our morning porridge super fast, to defrosting food (without cooking weird bits of them by mistake), this machine has been super handy. We were even able to heat up leftover pizza without the bases going soggy, which is really quite a win. Also, it sings to me and I like that.  Continue Reading…