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Why Does No One Say Thank You Anymore?

July 29, 2018 | 8 Comments

These thoughts have been meandering around my head for a while now, so it wasn’t one incident that specifically brought on this rant, but rather lots of little noticings: WHY DOESN’T ANYONE SAY THANK YOU ANYMORE? This is (of course) a generalisation: there are people who take the time and still have manners, but I’ve noticed that there’s a general trend now where people ask for advice or feedback (on social media, email, or Whatsapp for example), and then you spend time thinking about how you’ll reply. You craft a thoughtful email, get home and look up some contact details, or give them a helpful suggestion on Twitter that you hope will solve their issue. And then? Nothing. It drives me crazy. Continue Reading…


Birthdays and Beautiful Things

July 25, 2018 | 7 Comments

It’s been quiet around here. Because I’ve been travelling. Working. Celebrating turning 39 years old. Thinking about my mum, who’s birthday it would have been yesterday. So it’s been a busy week in my brain, with not much clean white space in which to craft some words. But it’s been a blessed kind of busy.

Last week we FINALLY got curtains put up in our house. We moved into this house in March, and then we painted it in May and took all the old curtains down and have had NONE since then. I think the neighbours have really got tired of seeing me sprint naked from the bathroom to my bedroom cupboard. Continue Reading…


How to Have a Relaxing Holiday: My Top Tips

July 10, 2018 | 6 Comments

I’m back and feeling very relaxed. At least I was, until I saw the bills piled up in my inbox, and all the work emails started flooding in. But you know, I’m privileged to have work, so I’m counting all my lucky blessings, drinking down my (slightly gross) healthy smoothie and getting stuck into everything again.

While I tackle my inbox I’ve been thinking about how I finally cracked the whole “relaxing holiday” mission. Because often you go away, and you end up returning more frazzled than when you left. So here are some things that worked for me this holiday, while they’re still fresh in my mind.  Continue Reading…