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It’s Not Your Job to Make Christmas Magical

December 4, 2018 | 5 Comments

Do you hear me? It’s not your job to make Christmas magical for everybody and their aunt. I know you’re feeling the anxiety, because I feel it too. You look on social media and see somebody’s perfect tree. Someone else’s beautiful table setting. The handmade cloth advent calendar filled with wooden toys. The way they hide that blasted elf each night in increasingly imaginative places to delight their kids each morning. Continue Reading…


My Gratitude List

December 24, 2013 | No Comments

As we approach the end of the year I’m feeling a bit more reflective than normal. I’ve been thinking about my life and feeling very grateful for how things are going right now. So I thought I’d make A List of Gratitude.

I’m grateful for:

How beautiful our country is. Driving towards Ceres for a friend’s wedding this last weekend, we went through mountain ranges so dramatic you couldn’t stop staring, past orchards brimming with fruit and flocks of sheep gathering under a tree’s shade. And we had a pool like this in Bain’s Kloof virtually to ourselves. The natural beauty we get offered freely in South Africa is something very special.


Old friends. Down in Cape Town we’re seeing friends we only see once a year or so but when we get together, we find that nothing has changed. I think that the time we spent in London together away from our family meant that we BECAME family to each other and will remain that way. They’re a crazy bunch. And they make me laugh.


My vocation. I love that I get to write, as a copywriter and on this blog. And I’m so glad this blog got a little recognition recently – even if it was mostly all my friends who voted for me;) It really has given me the confidence I needed.

My family. We’re so lucky to have time to spend together on holiday and just goof around. Here they are making a “Mountain sandwich”.


The summer holidays. And discovering little gems like the Hathersage market where we sat under an ancient tree listening to live music, sipping on wine and eating delicious dumplings. There were kids chasing each other around barefoot, families spontaneously singing Christmas carols together and a general air of happiness.

Somerset West-20131218-00200My health. After my Mom died, my health took a general turn for the worse. I was always picking up bugs that were going around, started suffering from quite intense hayfever and even had a 5 day breakout of hives that left me housebound. But I’m finally starting to feel healthy again. Due to my weekly barre classes I’m also the fittest I’ve ever been and it just feels great.

There are so many other things in my life to be grateful for, but those are the big ones at the moment.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone, I’m off to wrap up final gifts and make a festive cheesecake. I won’t be posting that often over the next few days so enjoy your holidays – however you celebrate them and wherever in the world you are.