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How to Have a Relaxing Holiday: My Top Tips

July 10, 2018 | 6 Comments

I’m back and feeling very relaxed. At least I was, until I saw the bills piled up in my inbox, and all the work emails started flooding in. But you know, I’m privileged to have work, so I’m counting all my lucky blessings, drinking down my (slightly gross) healthy smoothie and getting stuck into everything again.

While I tackle my inbox I’ve been thinking about how I finally cracked the whole “relaxing holiday” mission. Because often you go away, and you end up returning more frazzled than when you left. So here are some things that worked for me this holiday, while they’re still fresh in my mind.  Continue Reading…

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Holiday Activities at The V&A Waterfront

September 26, 2017 | No Comments
Watershed at the V&A Waterfront

*Written in collaboration with V&A Waterfront*

School holidays are coming up Cape Town! I have a bit of mom guilt about the holidays actually, as other mothers always seem to plan these educational outings and nature walks and theatre visits and I’m all like:  “You’re coming with me to Pick ‘n Pay to buy toilet paper and milk – that’s your outing for the day!” or “Ooh I’m going to yoga, whooooo wants to go to to V-Club?!”. Continue Reading…

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Sun City: They Should Call it Fun City

August 26, 2015 | 7 Comments
Sun city

The last time I was at Sun City I was in my teens. There is a pic of me in front of the monkey fountain in my green culottes (remember those?!) and my leather Alice band (I was stylish okay?). And although we had a whale of a time as a family, I had never really thought of going back. Well, fast forward about 20 years and we’re putting in new floors in our house so we need to get out from under the builder’s feet for two days. We want to go somewhere kid friendly and we don’t want to travel too far from Joburg – Sun City was the place.

Sun CityWe stayed at the self-catering units at the Vacation Club which were recommended by a few friends and I’m so glad we took their advice. All the units have been redone and I was so impressed with the quality of the decor and all the thoughtful extras.

There were plastic plates for the kids to use, blockout blinds in each room so they could nap during the day, a little bottle of dishwashing liquid and black bags (because let’s face it, you always forget those!), a TV in the lounge PLUS one in the main bedroom (so Gareth could lie on his bed and watch the cricket).

Each unit has its own lovely braai area and although there are lots of units, they’re designed in a way that you never feel like you’re on top of anyone. Your kids can wander around the gardens and chase the cats (sorry, that was my son), as well as spot their resident peacocks. Just watch out for the monkeys though, those things are not shy.

IMG_0665So once you’ve had enough relaxing in your spacious unit you can head to a number of swimming pools around the place, each one with their own slides, jumping castles, minders and itinerary of kids activities. This is paradise for kids! From playing her first game of putt-putt, to squealing down the water slides to eating an ice lolly lying next to the pool, Rachel was in heaven.

Once you’ve explored the Vacation Club area it’s time to put on your walking shoes (or catch a bus) to head to the Valley of the Waves. There is even a secret pathway through a scenic jungle towards the Valley of the Waves which the kids just loved! There are waterfalls and vines twisting around ancient trees and it’s really atmospheric and fun – it feels like an adventure whether you’re a kid or an adult.


On arriving at the Valley of the Waves I was hit with how pristine the place was. Not a speck of litter or old age, the place looks like it’s just been built. Sol Kerzer was a genius to envisage this exotic beach in the middle of nowhere – it really took foresight and guts to build a place like this and be confident that people would come.

There is fun music playing and people riding the wave (which comes out of the wall with a big bang) and others drifting lazily around on rubber tubes and kiddies building sand castles and just perfect weather, day after day. There are umbrellas to shelter under and lots of food to choose from and you can see why families would come for a few days and have no complaints from the kids – there is so much to do.

IMG_0663What I liked about Sun City too is that it feels like a regte South African holiday. You know how you go to certain pockets of our country and everyone looks the same? Sun City is a holiday for everyone – there are people of all ages, people of all backgrounds, all having fun together and that little thing made me happy.

There are also lots of tourists though, which I didn’t picture. But why not? If you’re looking for perfect weather, to see some wildlife (the Pilansberg is right there), play some golf (plus try your hand at blackjack), and to have a proper AFRICAN adventure you couldn’t find a more perfect place.

The next day we went off to do some other kiddie activities near the Cabanas. Besides their year round kids programme called Kamp Kwena, there is a scratch patch (Gareth got very competitive and I walked in to find him on all fours digging with his hands), a Stimela train (which Ben just loved), a maze, a zipslide, bumper boats and Animal World. There are watersports, a huge gaming arcade, game drives, mini golf…honestly the list is endless and you could keep yourself entertained there for four or five days at least.

Sun CityOn our last night we arranged a babysitter through Kamp Kwena and went off for some dinner and to try our hand at the slots. Let me just state that I am the most risk averse person EVER. Gambling gives me great anxiety but we managed to make R600 and then I pulled Gareth out of there, so we covered a few of our bills, am I right?

The one down side? It could get pricy. Luckily my kids are still small but I imagine that if you took teens with, you would be shelling out cash often to keep them busy at the arcade or elsewhere. But don’t let that put you off – if you’re disciplined there are many affordable ways of making it work I think.

Sun City is just a great family holiday and Joburgers should make a plan to get there – you don’t get many places just 2 hours drive away that offer this much for families to do. And even non-Gautengers should put it on their to-do lists: it truly is a very African experience that your kids will remember for years to come (mine are still talking about it).

P.S. In case you wondering, none of this trip was sponsored – I paid full price.

Sun CityIMG_0688IMG_0715Sun city