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Hot Dads

September 29, 2017 | 11 Comments

This post has been brewing for a while. And I can’t believe that I have to add this disclaimer but just in case any reader thinks I am lusting after other men all the time, I adore my husband and his hot self! This is just an appreciation of a type of man I used to be completely oblivious to: Hot Dads.

If you’re a mom, I think you’ll know what I mean. He’s chasing his daughter around the toy store while she flings every toy off the shelf, he’s burping his baby in a quiet corner of the shopping centre, he’s patiently dealing with a tantrumming toddler in a restaurant while everyone else stares. While we used to gawk at topless men running down the road with their sweaty biceps pumping, now all we need to see is a man showing some love and care towards his family and we’re all like: swoooooon. Continue Reading…


Win 21 Lunches from The Lunchbox

August 7, 2017 | 119 Comments
Lunchbox competition

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED and the lucky winner was Michelle du Plooy!***

It’s Sunday so I’m busy planning for the week ahead. My lap is full of recipe books and meal plans, my phone is full of beeping Whatsapp messages as we organise lift clubs, and I’m trying to schedule in exercise, work meetings, article deadlines and more. But one thing I don’t have to think about this coming week is school lunches! And thank heavens. Continue Reading…


We Need More Imperfect Parenting

July 1, 2017 | 16 Comments

A friend Julie posted on Facebook yesterday how she’d been the only mom who’d forgotten it was pyjama day at school, so her little one had rocked up in normal clothes and it had made her feel like such a failure. She also said that it was such a little thing, this pyjama day mix up, so why did it upset her so much? Something about her situation really resonated with me, and I think it’s because you look around and see that ALL the other parents have remembered pyjama day, so what’s wrong with you that you can’t keep it together? Continue Reading…